SuperWado teeshirts arrive!

Last week the teeshirts we designed for England Wado Kai Do Renmei (EWKR) arrived just in time for their Winter training course in Crowthorne.

Super Wado Tee Shirts

Super Wado Tee Shirts

SuperWado Tee with Bruce LeeThe teeshirts are a homage to the Super Dry products and were designed to move away from the very traditional style of teeshirt normally associated with martial arts.

Wado Kai is a style of karate that blends together Okinawan Karate and Shindo Yoshin-Ryu Ju Jitsu into a very effective martial art.

If you’re interested in starting Wado Karate you can contact the association here to find your nearest club:


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3 Responses to “SuperWado teeshirts arrive!”

  1. Rich Moore says:

    Nice designs! A bit better than the usual style of karate t-shirts…

    Did they sell well? Have you got any photos of the finished products?


    • Thanks Rich,

      Was trying to appeal to the younger demographic in the association who probably wouldn’t want to wear the standard martial arts teeshirt.

      Yup, I think they sold reasonably well. The proof of the pudding will be the next couple of courses, I think once people see other students wearing them they’ll follow suit.

      I’ll upload some photos of the final tees over the next few days.



    • Hi Rich,

      Found a suitable model for the teeshirt 😉

      Bruce Lee, Secret Wado Karate fan!